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We support your awakening

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We are a group of people from various backgrounds: artists, coaches, holistic therapists, writers, yoga teachers, astrologists, off the grid enthusiasts, and wanderers of all kinds.


Although we are all very different, we have in common is that we each had our own awakening experience and found each other as like-minded souls during

the lockdown in March 2020.


We share a mission to serve humanity in the collective shift of consciousness 

that is currently taking place.


We do not claim to have all wisdom nor truth. We created this website because we could not find the information we were looking for on mainstream media. Some of us have been searching for years and had to put the puzzle together ourselves.

We wanted to make it easier for other people.


By sharing information, speaking about our own experiences, and offering our support,

we set you up to embark on your own journey of awakening.


Support & guidance

If you need to talk to someone, if you need support or guidance on your path, please feel free to contact us through the chat function of this site. We try to be as available as often as we can. If we are offline one of our team members will be in touch with you ASAP.



Coaching & services

Alternatively, you might want to talk to one of our team members specifically. If you need more extensive advice, coaching, healing, or if you want to ask someone's services, please contact our team members personally. We are here for you.

Lieuwke Loth 

Spain & The Netherlands

Artist, connector, advisor, inspirator creator, coach, pionier, adventurer, star seed

A lemniscate; the movement within and outside yourself and the interaction between them. What do the movements do to you? Do you want to feel ground again or do you wish to find your center again? Do you have questions about how things work in this world? I am an artist, a spiritual person, and a light warrior. I like to connect, I can advise, empower, and inspire. Who are you in this life, what are your goals, what is your soul path? In these days we examine everything on many levels. And we can also 'reinvent' ourselves. A big challenge and with great opportunities!


Karina Schuil

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Coach, energy & frequency work, soul mission, Q movement, truth warrior, shift to 5D

I woke up almost 20 years ago, after 9/11, although I have always felt there was more. My journey through life taught me important lessons about worthiness, living from my inner power and taking inspired action to follow my heart. I now share what I have learned through transformational coaching & frequency healing work. I show you how to follow your soul mission and rise up, and you can also talk to me about spirituality, awakening, the greater picture of what is happening in the world, backgrounds on 'conspiracies' and the Q movement. We are all here for a reason and the time is now to step into your purpose.

Do you feel the call too?



Marjolijn Grimberg,

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Creator, guidance, ​healing, indigo/ crystal/ starseed children

Since I was a teenager, I’ve kept myself busy with awareness. Over the past 25 years I learned a lot, I taught myself a lot, and life experience brought to the point where I am now. Last year I felt I was ready to follow my heart, I had a mission: guiding children and adults in their processes. I started the study: Holistic Family- and Child Therapy (still i.t.). Over the past 8 months my awakening- and healing process went into overdrive. I would love to share my experiences with others and give guidance in how to deal with the overflow of emotions and feelings which might have exploded now, finding balance and the power within you, on the way to oneness, to the new (5D) world.


Nishanthi Dayawathie

Cape Town, South Africa

Coach, sexual abuse, adoption, energy healing, plant medicine

I learned that your outside world is truly a reflection of how you feel within - As Within, So Without. Working through my own traumas I was able to feel, heal, and see through the illusion. You are the creator of your own life, but everything you need is already inside you. My gift is in helping you to re-connect with your beautiful heart and light within. I do this through coaching, energy healing, workshops, and serving medicine plants. My soul mission is to help you connect to your powers and remember who you really are so that you can enjoy a life of abundance in love, happiness, and health. Are you ready to face everything and rise above? 


Janneke Hellebrekers


Yoga & meditation teacher, coach, massage therapist, channeler,

Ankh healer


I am living in an off grid paradise in Portugal were I feel free to be me. Happy and grateful to be surrounded by nature, lots of fruits, veggies and water. I woke up more then 10 years ago after a burnout and I did a lot of research within myself and about the world. I am a yoga and meditation teacher, a massage therapist, transformational coach, channeler and Ankh healer. I know there is more to the universe then the 3D physical plane and I am glad you are finding that out yourself. Hope you become the creator of your own reality. Here to assist you with any general or spiritual questions regarding the Awakening and to be of emotional support.



Johanna Maria Stumpf, 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Star seed, healing, ​plant medicine, energy work, guidance 


After a burnout and depression, my mission is to empower the evolution of a more conscious future through inspiring, mentoring, and healing so that we can shift into greater awareness and co-create a world that serves ALL beings. I am the creator of Conscious Life Talk™️, Master Student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, apply conscious healing learnings from Thomas Hübl, or the Power of 8 Healing Group principle from Lynne McTaggert.
Where can I support you? Mentoring & guidance, healing with sacred plant medicine, and energy to help you to embody the sovereign being that you are. I lead from the heart and with my intuition.
I speak English and German.


Debbie Vervoort,

Schijndel, The Netherlands

Truth finder, awakening, artist

My name is Debbie Vervoort and I am from the Netherlands. I always had a feeling that there was something not right. And after Corona kicked in I woke up fully. We are all here for a reason and this is my time to shine my light to help other people. If you need some help with your own investigation or you just want a listening ear to clear your mind about this then I might help you.



Andrea Haley,

Málaga, Spain


Truth finder, therapist, sexual abuse, healing, channeling


Truth seeker, Justice seeker for people & animals, photographer, Dr. 

Bach Flower Remedy therapist
Hands on and distance healing ( cleaning auras/ past lives/ getting rid of bad spirits etc).
Channeler from the Equestrials ( Galactic Federation). Healed from sexual abuse as a child  (years of therapy) so can listen and share my experience to hopefully help in some way. I speak English and Spanish.

Maaike Pieters

Zeeland, The Netherlands

Astrology, coach, healing, soul mission

Born and raised in a Christian family, I always knew there was something more between heaven and earth yet I couldn’t understand how everything was connected. I left church and everything behind to go find who I really was. It took me years to connect the dots and brought me on the path of astrology, Jungian depth psychology, lots of teachings, and most of all lots of healing. I’m here to guide you unpacking who you really are. To step into your full potential, find your soul mission, and to give you a guiding hand when you’re at a crossroad in your life.


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