Shift to 5D 

Shift to 5D

Wake up to your multidimensionality

As a collective, we are awakening to our multidimensionality. Many realise that there is so much more truth to being a human being than we have ever been told by our parents, at school, and in Western society. 

Many feel this inner knowing, this innate sense of purpose, and start remembering who they are. Step by step unraveling the mysteries of the earth, within our bodies, the deepest of our soul, and in the coding of our very DNA.

But what is 3D? Where are you in your process? What does it all mean?


3D: the physical plane

On a personal level, we are mainly living from ego, mind, and emotions rule our behaviour. Our perception is narrow.


On a collective level, we are in fear of things like viruses, riots and the state of the economy. We believe we should wear mouth covers and believe the news and our governments. We think they need a vaccine. We see no need to question the status quo and are blind to what is happening on our planet.

We either live fear-based lives or prefer to see the bright (or spiritual!) side of life, but only on a superficial level. What is happening in the world is not about us, but we undergo it.

4D: unveiling of the bigger picture

We have been working on ourselves. Digging deep inside. We see how our own behaviour correlates with that of others. We start to realise other people act as our mirrors and we start to see through the veil. Sometimes we leap back to our old beliefs and patterns because it simply is easier (and less alone).

On a collective level, we are looking behind the narrative of the media and start to question things. We find out all kinds of information that are almost too crazy to believe. The whole of history and the world are turning upside down. Nothing is what it seems. A lot of hidden darkness is being unveiled. This results in a complete change of perception and we start to see the bigger picture behind every important event in history. We also start to see our relationship with the Universe and with extraterrestrial civilisations. 


5D: unlimited potential

We see the connection between our inner and outer world. We see the difference in dimensions, we speak a different language. We live through the heart, being authentic is the only way for us. Integrity feels mandatory: any other way of living feels not right. We understand how everything is connected. Compassion has become almost habitual for us, we mostly see through our ego. We are going to find out what humans are really capable of and we are ready to take the quantum leap. We find out we are multidimensional beings with
infinite potential.


We are the co-creators of the New Earth.

Talk to us if you are ready to co-create too.

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