Welcome to the Great Awakening
We are here, at the greatest shift in the collective consciousness 

that has ever taken place. Epic times!

Because, dear one, what is happening in this time on our planet, is so much more than misconduct and chaos. So much more than a virus and a crisis.


What is happening might sound so bizarre, so comprehensive and so crazy, that you might not believe it if we tell you. It can best be described by picturing a combination of The Matrix, Black Mirror, and Dan Brown's books.

We created this website because we could not find any information on what is happening on mainstream media. We wanted to make it easier for you. We know you were guided here because you are looking for information and we are here offering you guidance and support.

We do not claim to have all wisdom or truth. But by sharing information, speaking about our own experiences, and offering our support if you need us, we inspire you to embark on your own journey of awakening.

We advise you to do your own research and find your own truth, to become truly autonomous.

Because that is the only way to wake up. Follow your intuition to guide the way.

Are you ready?

This website comes with a warning though; what we are offering is a 'red pill'.

Once you take it, there is no way back. The information you will find on your journey will rock you (and the world!) to your core and will pull you further out of your comfort zone than you ever imagined was possible. Your world will never be the same. Yet it is extremely important for humanity that more and more people wake up to this information. 


You are needed

It is extremely important that more and more people become aware. We need you to step up, to stop hiding, or playing small. This process is one of research combined with inner work so that you are able to step into your purpose and to shine your light.

We believe this time of chaos, disillusion, and destruction will bring us to the next chapter of building a new reality together. On the other side of the darkness lies the greatest destiny for all of mankind. An era in which wars, poverty, misery, illness, division, and pollution no longer exist. A world beyond your wildest dreams where there is long-lasting peace, abundance, happiness, and health for all.

A world of unity. 

But to get there, we need you to start your journey. So let's get started.

Let's get started

What is happening is best explained by this video below from a different perspective.

Our team member Karina made a short documentary about the momentous shift we are going through (currently only in Dutch, English edition will be released shortly).

Down the rabbit hole

If you are ready to take the leap, let's dive into the rabbit hole. A few tips, tricks & pieces of advice to help you get on your way.

Do your own research

Information can easily be manipulated, changed, altered, it is always coloured by the opinions of the author. 'DYOR'. Trust only your heart. It will show you the way.

Go through the motions

Know that is totally normal to feel all kinds of emotions, going through digesting this information. Sadness, anger, hopelessness, pointlessness but also joy and relief. Seek professional help if you feel you cannot cope. You can always contact us.

Follow the money

While you do your own research it is wise advise to always follow the trail of the money. Money will always lead you to the ones behind the plans. Always.

Do not try to convince

"Sometimes you cannot tell people the truth. You have to show them. Only then will people find the will to change."- Q. Practice compassion.

The 5 phases of awakening

1. Take the information in

2. Express all your emotions without denial

3. Express your non-consent

4. Forgive the players if you are ready

5. Shift into 5D

Shine your light

Become aware of your own grounding and inner power. Be authentic. Be autonomous. Be conscious of how powerful you are.

Stay sane & take care
  • Breathe deeply in and out

  • Nourish yourself with good food

  • Keep on grounding yourself

  • Connect with nature 

  • Feel the vibrant energy of streaming water

Find support

Talk to openminded friends or family members, find like-minded groups on social media.

Download your Jumpstart backpack 

Download our Awakening Jumpstartdocument to help you on your way & help spread awareness.

The Great Awakening jumpstart.png

Help spread our message big time? Click here for printable edition or contact us to pre-order.

Buckle up. See you on the other side!

We are here for you if you need us.


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